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Electric Motor Monitoring – Detects Problems Before Failure

MCSA : Motor Current Signature Analysis – Detects Induction Motor Faults - Prevents Lost Production

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Broken Rotor Bars Copper Cage
Airgap Eccentricity
Shorted Turns LV Stator
Expert Knowledge to Diagnose: Induction Motor Faults, Broken Rotor Bars, Airgap Eccentricity, Shorted (LV) Stator turns, Mechanical Influences, Misalignment, Pump wear, etc.

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MCSA Free Samples
Faulty Diecasting - Aluminium Rotors
Influence of Gear box in drive train
Detection Of Warm Pumps


MCSA prevented lost production of US$1.63 million and a motor repair of US$300,000 on an Offshore Oil & Gas Production Platform

Can you risk NOT monitoring your strategic Electric Drives?

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